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Chemelil Sugar Company is located along the Awasi-Nandi Hills road in Nyando District of Nyanza province, approximately 50 kms from Kisumu City.

It was established in 1965 as a private limited company and later became a parastatal in 1974. 

When the Company was set up in 1965, it had two major objectives:

  • To produce high quality mill white sugar as part of a national strategy for achieving self-sufficiency in food production; and
  • To contribute towards the integrated  national economic development within Western Kenya.

At that time, the Government adopted an import substitution strategy, which aimed at protection of local industry.

But changes in government’s business policy have necessitated the company to change and reflect a new corporate direction, with the principal objectives focusing on:

  • Efficiency in Production and Service Delivery
  • High Turnover and Returns to Shareholders
  • Profit maximisation
  • Stimulation of Economic Development

The above objectives are being pursued while paying close attention to issues of Environmental management guidelines, good corporate governance and gender rights.


Chemelil Sugar Academy 2017 Form One admission interviews will be held on 4th January, 2017.

In a press release to the Company in-house Newsletter Sukari News , Chemelil Sugar Academy Principal Carles Ogada says the Form One admission written interviews are scheduled to be held at the Chemelil Sugar Company Limited sponsored school from 7.00 a.m. on the stated date.

Ogada says parents of prospective candidates should bring along with them a copy of the candidate's 2016 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) result slip.

The principal says only prospective candidates with a minimum cut-off marks of 370 in KCPE and who excel in the interviews will be offered admission at the prestigious Chemelil Sugar Academy , which is among the country's elite schools that has over the years posted  remarkable Kenya Certificate of Scondary Education (KCSE) results nationally.

Bosco Magare

Public Relations

Chemelil Sugar Company Limited




By Bosco Magare

Factory Operations at Chemelil Sugar Company have resumed after more than 8 weeks of plant maintenance , since last September, resulting in enhanced cane milling and sugar production as the economy of the surrounding community starts to bustle again.

Traders at the nearby Chemelil Roundabout Township have started doing brisk business since the beginning of the third week of December this year as residents and Company employees are able to smile once again with money trickling back into their pockets after a long hiatus occasioned by the factory maintenance exercise.

According to the Company's acting Head of Finance Stephen Aluoch, with the resumption of factory operations the Company will be pumping an average of Kshs. 50 million per week into the surrounding farming and local community's economy.

In an interview with the Company in-house newsletter Sukari News, the Factory Mechanical Engineer & Maintenance Coordinator J. Omoro says the factory's cane milling efficiency has increased by over 100 per cent from a previous average of 1200 Tonnes of Cane per Day (TCD) to 2500 TCD.

The Mechanical Engineer & Maintenance Coordinator says in addition to the improved TCD the factory maintenance programme has also resulted in an impressive improvement of other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which had slumped prior to the rehabilitation exercise which had not been undertaken for about two years as the acting Head of Factory Elijah Chelagat exuded confidence over resumption of operations saying the plant performance continues to stabilize.


Photo Caption: -Acting Head of Factory Elijah Chelagat (in the forebackground third from left) leds Strategy & Technical Company Board of Directors on a tour of the factory to assess progress of the plant maintenance exercise. Chelagat was also accompanied by a section of Company Top Management  officials. Photo By Geoffrey Nyonje.

Omoro says the improved factory TCD after the rehabilitation exercise has resulted in a similar increase in sugar production from an earlier average of 70 to 100 tonnes per day to between 160 and 210 tonnes per day.

Sukari News also established that through the maintenance exercise the factory's cane to sugar conversion ratio Tonnes Cane/Tonnes Sugar (TC/TS) has significantly improved.

The factory TC/TS is one of the significant KPIs and Omoro says this ratio has improved from the previous dismal ratio of 15.76 to the current TC/TS ratio of 11.5 which translates into more suga produced and bagged for the market.

Omoro says the successful factory maintenance was undertaken largely by the Company's own engineers, technicians and employees with requsite technical skills, including a few specialized and contracted personnel.

The engineer says great improvements have been recorded in other KPIs such as Mill EXtraction, Tonnes Cane per Hour (TCH) milled, Factory Time Efficiency (FTE) , and Boiler House Recovery (BHR) and in Overall Recovery (OR) of the plant translating into increased sugar production and revenue generation by the Company.

In a separate interview with Sukari News the Company acting Head of Finance Aluoch says the resumption of factory operations will result in the pumping of an average of Kshs. 50 million per week by the sugar firm into the immediate surrounding farming community and local economy.

Aluoch says the injection of Kshs. 50 million into the local economy involves payment of Kshs. 30 million per week towards procuring cane from farmers being critical factory raw material, while Kshs. 2 million is paid for cane-cutting and including payments made to other Company service providers, contractors and employees whose monthly wage bill is equally high.

Based on the financial figuresby Aluoch , Sukari News gathered that when fully operational Chemelil Sugar Company pumps more than Kshs. 200 million per month into the local economy and a much high amount into the national economy, including  other service providers, thus fulfilling one of the initial objectives behind establishment of the Company.

                                                                                                FACTORY MAINTENANCE PHOTOS 2016


Photo Caption: Indian engineers, specialized and technical personnel from Soni Technical Company who were contracted by the Company service and carry out repairs on one of the Mill Turnibes. Photo By Geoffrey Nyonje



Photo Caption: A factory welder carries out welding on the Baggase Elevator (BE) structure during the plant maintenance exercise. Photo By Geoffrey Nyonje



Photo Caption: A factory worksop fitter uses a Company lathe macine to internally fabricate spares for use during the plant maintenance exercise. Photo By Geoffrey Nyonje


By Chairman Public Complaints Committee
The Company Public Complaints Committee encourages employees and stakeholders to use the appropriate complaint form available in this Website to seek resolution and feedback on any issue.
Employees and stakeholders use of the forum and interaction with the same will provide the company with requisite feedback that is vital in enhancing organization service delivery.

 For more information, especially on the procedure of lodging complaints, employees and  stakeholders are requested to visit the Company Public Complaints Committee Secretariat  domiciled in the Management Accountant’s office located on the first floor of the Chemelil Sugar Company Limited’s  Main Administration Block.






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