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Chemelil Sugar Company is located along the Awasi-Nandi Hills road in Nyando District of Nyanza province, approximately 50 kms from Kisumu City.

It was established in 1965 as a private limited company and later became a parastatal in 1974. 

When the Company was set up in 1965, it had two major objectives:

  • To produce high quality mill white sugar as part of a national strategy for achieving self-sufficiency in food production; and
  • To contribute towards the integrated  national economic development within Western Kenya.

At that time, the Government adopted an import substitution strategy, which aimed at protection of local industry.

But changes in government’s business policy have necessitated the company to change and reflect a new corporate direction, with the principal objectives focusing on:

  • Efficiency in Production and Service Delivery
  • High Turnover and Returns to Shareholders
  • Profit maximisation
  • Stimulation of Economic Development

The above objectives are being pursued while paying close attention to issues of Environmental management guidelines, good corporate governance and gender rights.



By Chairman Public Complaints Committee
The Company Public Complaints Committee encourages employees and stakeholders to use the appropriate complaint form available in this Website to seek resolution and feedback on any issue.
Employees and stakeholders use of the forum and interaction with the same will provide the company with requisite feedback that is vital in enhancing organization service delivery.

 For more information, especially on the procedure of lodging complaints, employees and  stakeholders are requested to visit the Company Public Complaints Committee Secretariat  domiciled in the Management Accountant’s office located on the first floor of the Chemelil Sugar Company Limited’s  Main Administration Block.



 Other News: Chemelil Sugar Academy Post Excellent 2014 KCSE results,


Caption: Chemelil Sugar Company Managing Director Mr. Charles Owelle addresses and congratulates Chemelil Sugar Academy students and teachers for posting excellent 2014 KCSE results. Photo by William Kipchirchir

By Bosco Magare

Chemelil Sugar Academy chalked an historic and remarkable mean score of 10.9 in the 2014 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) as school sponsor Chemelil Sugar Company Managing Director (MD) Mr. Charles Owelle, lauds the school’s performance.
According to the school’s Chemistry teachers Messrs. Daniel Mokaya Mogaka and Simon Ogal, Chemelil Sugar Academy also emerged number one nationally in the Chemistry subject.
Addressing jubilant twig and placard waving Chemelil Sugar Academy students and teachers outside the company’s main administration block, Owelle said the school’s remarkable 2014 KCSE results have enhanced the sponsoring company’s corporate image.
‘’ Chemelil Sugar Academy and more particularly the 2014 KCSE candidates have done the company proud.  The company Board of Directors, Management and Staff congratulate you for the outstanding examination result.’’ Owelle said.
Owelle also commended the school’s students, administration, teachers for fulfilling a pledge they made to the sponsor’s parent Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Livestock, Cabinet Secretary (CS) Felix Koskei, to post excellent in the 2014 KCSE.
‘’ I am happy you have fulfilled your pledge made to the Cabinet Secretary last year during the Prayer Day for the 2014 KCSE candidates which he also  presided over as  guest of honour. At the time he also made a cash donation to the school’s 2014 KCSE candidates as a motivation to post good results, ‘’ Owelle.
He said the company management will equally make a donation to appreciate the school’s excellent performance in the 2014 KCSE.
The MD pointed out to the students that the sky is the limit adding ‘’ that the 2015 KCSE candidates have room to further better the school’s performance and mean score.’’
The 2015 KCSE candidates  pledged to surpass the school’s 2014 performance to register a mean score of 11 and above.

Chemelil Sugar Company Installs new 3Megawatts (MW) Turbine Altanator (TA)


Caption: Chemelil Sugar Company Managing Director Mr. Charles Owelle (Fifth from right donning white overcoat & helmet) and head of factory Raphael Kamemba(first from right) including Kessels Engineering Works Ptv Ltd engineers (First from left, front row) M.R. Rana, Naushad Ahmad, J.C. Shaman and Shyamsundar accompanied by other company senior managers pose for photo in front of newly intalled 3MW Turbo Altanator upon arrival of the Kessels commissioning engineers. Photo By William Kipchirchir 


By Bosco Magare
Kessels Engineering Works Ptv Ltd Engineers from  New Delhi , India conduct pre-commission checks on a 3Megawatt (MW) Turbine Alternator (TA) procured byChemelil Sugar Company from the Indian turbine manufacturing firm.
The engineers conducted the pre-commissioning checks after completion of installation works by locally contracted company Pebcol, alongside Chemelil Sugar Company Engineers, Technicians, Fitters and Electricians with an outsourced electrical Engineer Alfred Cheruiyot providing oversight supervision.
Meanwhile, Company’s programme of installing and commissioning a new 3Megawatts (MW) Turbine Alternator (TA) for powering factory operations, is complete.
The first TA and milling test runs were successfully carried out by the Kessels Mechanical and Electrical commissioning engineers Naushad Ahmad and Shyamsundar, respectively, including Kessels General Manager J. C. Sharman and installation engineer M.R. Rana, assisted by Pebcol and Chemelil Sugar Company’s factory technical personnel led by Head of Factory Raphael Kamemba.
Factory milling test runs commenced on 28th February, 2015 with the delivery of 500 tonnes of cane from Company Nucleus Estate.
Caption: Kessels Engineering Works Ptv Ltd Turbine Alternator (TA) Electrical commissioning Engineer Shyamsundar (in the forefront) explains TA electrical operating procedures to Chemelil Sugar Company's factory electrical and mechanical personnel. Photo By William Kipchirchir


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