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Chemelil Sugar Company is located along the Awasi-Nandi Hills road in Nyando District of Nyanza province, approximately 50 kms from Kisumu City.

It was established in 1965 as a private limited company and later became a parastatal in 1974. 

When the Company was set up in 1965, it had two major objectives:

  • To produce high quality mill white sugar as part of a national strategy for achieving self-sufficiency in food production; and
  • To contribute towards the integrated  national economic development within Western Kenya.

At that time, the Government adopted an import substitution strategy, which aimed at protection of local industry.

But changes in government’s business policy have necessitated the company to change and reflect a new corporate direction, with the principal objectives focusing on:

  • Efficiency in Production and Service Delivery
  • High Turnover and Returns to Shareholders
  • Profit maximisation
  • Stimulation of Economic Development

The above objectives are being pursued while paying close attention to issues of Environmental management guidelines, good corporate governance and gender rights.



  By Bosco Magare


Plans are at an advance stage by Chemelil Sugar Company to implement an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System to enhance efficiency in all operations in the organization.

Acting Company Managing Director Gabriel Nyangweso made the disclosure during a live presentation on the workings of the ERP System by a reputable international firm A SofTech held in the company boardroom on 1st December, 2017.

Speaking during the presentation Nyangweso said Chemelil Sugar Company is keen on implementing aspects of the ERP System this financial year-2017/2018.

The innovative ERP System presentation was done by A SofTech Director Sewak Grewal, who was accompanied by one of the firm’s Business Development Manager Willy Mwangi.

Grewal embarked on the presentation with a brief company profile of  A SofTech, an international Information Technology (IT) firm with branches in Kenya and several African countries in Africa such as Ethiopia.

 A SofTech Director Grewal said the firm also has world-wide branches in far-flung continents such as South America and Asia, where the IT Company is headquartered in India.

Grewal said A SofTech is familiar with the operations in the sugar industry the world over and the firm also has a branch in Peru in the South America.

‘’ Personally, I have spent 15 years in the sugar industry. And,  A SofTech works closely with reputable Indian universities and research institutions in enhancing our ERP version known as Precision Agriculture Management (PAM) System, ‘’Grewal said.

He said researchers and scientists in these elite Indian universities are ready available to A SofTech and their new ERP research inputs and findings are available to the IT firm.

Grewal said,  A SofTech’s ERP version of PAM System is a software that is capable of carrying out various agricultural operations with the ultimate aim of ensuring an agro-based organization such as Chemelil Sugar Company obtains optimum yields.

The  director said their the firm’s ERP version PAM System is capable of carrying out and improving efficiency in various agricultural processes such as land recruitment, land preparation, seed material, seed germination and crop germination, among others.

In a separate follow-up interview A SofTech’s Business Development Manager Mwangi said once Chemelil Sugar Company management concludes the requisite process for procuring the firm’s ERP PAM System version it will take about 2 months to undertake staff training  and deploy the software in Chemelil  Sugar Company.

Mwangi said the firm’s ERP version PAM System software is new in the market and so far has only been deployed in one of the leading Indian universities, including a private agricultural farm located in the Northern part of India.

This implies, Chemelil Sugar Company will therefore be the first agricultural firm in Kenya and the African continent to embrace this new ERP PAM System version.

Mwangi said although ERP systems have existed and been used the world over for many years now, the A SofTech’s version is relatively new, being one year old since it was developed by IT scientists in Indian universities associated with the firm in the development of such softwares.

‘’ Though many ERP versions exist worldwide, in particular A SofTech’s new PAM System software version  is a result of enhancements of a version that has been running made by scientists in the Indian universities collaborating with the firm, which is involved in the commercial deployment of the PAM innovation.

And, Chemelil Sugar Company’s acting ICT manager Samson Oyayo is optimistic and confident that the ERP System that the company plans to embrace will enhance efficiency in the company’s entire special sections and departments; Agriculture, Factory, Marketing, Human Resource , Finance including Corporate Affairs, Internal Audit, Quality Assurance, Procurement and Legal Services

‘’ The ERP system that the company intends to implement will enhance efficiency of sections and departmental operations since it will avail real time information which is critical for decision-making by management,’’ Oyayo said.

Oyayo said the deployment of the ERP system in the company will mark a radical shift from the firm’s present reliance and use of standalone systems to manage various operations such as the payroll, financial ledger , stores and cane weighbridge.

He said the current stand alone systems being used by the company are less efficient since they involve the export and import of information from one system to the other, a process which is cumbersome and time consuming.

‘’ The planned implementation and deployment of the ERP system by the company will enhance the synergy of operations in the entire organization, since once information is captured through this system it will be available in a unified data base, unlike the present stand alone systems which capture data in individual databases,’’ Oyayo said.

Senior members of the company’s management team present during the ERP presentation by A SofTech  and representing the following company operation areas; Agriculture, Finance, Factory, Marketing, ICT,  Legal Services, Management Accounts, Corporate Affairs,  Quality Assurance  and Internal Audit were  Joel Kiplagat, Steven Alouch, Titus Koech Samson Oyayo, Hilda, Isaac Chepsiror, Bosco Magare, Jacqualine Kotonya, and Amos Kosgey.


By Chairman Public Complaints Committee

 The Company Public Complaints Committee encourages employees and stakeholders to use the appropriate complaint form available in this Website to seek resolution and feedback on any issue.
Employees and stakeholders use of the forum and interaction with the same will provide the company with requisite feedback that is vital in enhancing organization service delivery.

 For more information, especially on the procedure of lodging complaints, employees and  stakeholders are requested to visit the Company Public Complaints Committee Secretariat  domiciled in the Management Accountant’s office located on the first floor of the Chemelil Sugar Company Limited’s  Main Administration Block.


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